Android Studio 3.0: Android Profiler

WOJTEK KALICINSKI: Android Studio 3.0 introduces an integrated view for providing the memory, CPU, and network request characteristics of your app. It’s a complete overhaul of the previous tools found under the Android Monitor tab,…

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Print or Scan from HP Smart in Android Using Wi-Fi Direct

How to Print or Scan from HP Smart in Android Using W-Fi Direct Turn on your printer, or press the Cancel button to wake it from Sleep mode. Touch the Wi-Fi Direct button, if available….

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How to Asana: Using Asana for Android

Just got a notification! It’s time for How to Asana. Whether you’re traveling from New York to Tokyo, commuting in on the train, or standing in line for a coffee, Asana for Android and iOS…

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Android Jetpack: Introducing WorkManager

[JET ROARING] LYLA FUJIWARA: Your app won’t always be in the foreground. But you still need to do important background work like downloading updates and syncing with your server. Now, there are many existing APIs…

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Nweets helps you keep up with your favorite technology companies, topics and publishers. Tweets are curated around the clock and ranked by trending factor. News sources include TechCrunch, Recode, The Verge, Wired, Bloomberg, VentureBeat, Guardian,…

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