How to move from Android to iPhone

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Moving from Android to iOS
is easy.

Here’s how to transfer
your contacts, messages,

photos, and more!

Before you start,
your Android device

should have Wi-Fi turned on,

and both your devices should be
plugged into power.

If you haven’t already,
make sure you download

the Move to iOS app
on your Android device.

You should also double-check
that you have

enough space on your iPhone
for the content

you’re transferring
from your Android device.

It’s best not to finish
setting up your iPhone

before you begin this process.

If you’ve already set it up,

you’ll need to erase it
and start over.

If you don’t want to erase it,

you can move
your content over manually.

All right!
Let’s get started.

First, follow the onscreen
instructions on your iPhone

to start setting it up.

When you get to
the Apps & Data screen,

tap Move Data from Android.

Next, on your Android device,

open the Move to iOS app
and tap Continue.

If you agree to the terms
and conditions, tap Agree.

Then tap Next
in the top-right corner

of the Find your Code screen.

On your iPhone,

tap Continue
on the Move from Android screen.

A ten-digit or six-digit code
will appear.

If a notification appears
on your Android device

that you have
a weak Internet signal,

feel free to ignore it.

Enter the code
that appeared on your iPhone

on your Android device.

Then wait for the Transfer Data
screen to appear.

Next, select the content
that you want to transfer.

  Storage access with Android 11

You can move contacts
and message history,

photos and videos,
and mail accounts and calendars.

You’ll need to transfer music,
books, and PDFs manually.

Some apps that are free
and available in your region

on both Google Play
and the App Store

will download automatically
on your iPhone.

Now tap Next.

Even if your Android device
says the process is complete,

leave both your devices alone

until the loading bar
on your iPhone completes.

Depending on
how much you’re moving,

this process
can take a little while.

Wait for the loading bar
on your iPhone to finish.

Then tap Done
on your Android device

and follow the onscreen steps
to finish setup.

And that’s it.

Now your content
should be transferred.

To learn more
about your iPhone,

from setup to helpful features,

subscribe to
the Apple Support channel.

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