How to Asana: Using Asana for Android

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Just got a notification! It’s time for How

to Asana.

Whether you’re traveling from

New York to Tokyo, commuting in on the

train, or standing in line for a coffee,

Asana for Android and iOS help you stay

connected so you can work no matter

where you are — even if you’re offline.

Here are some of our top mobile tips to

help you work on the go.

When you open

the Asana app, start in My Tasks. You can

drag and drop tasks between Today and

Upcoming to quickly assess your

priorities for the day before you even

get to the office. You’ll get Inbox and

push notifications on mobile as work

moves forward. The next time you’re on

your way back from a meeting, you can

quickly capture ideas as tasks, assign

them to a teammate, add them to projects,

and more.

Be sure to favorite your most

active projects in Asana so you can

quickly pull them up on mobile. And if

you’re away from the office, you don’t

have to worry about missing out on

conversations with your team. Tap the

conversation bubble icon to see team and

project conversations, and start new

conversations from the road.

If you need to find something, you can

always use search to pull up teammates,

tasks, projects, conversations, and more.

It’s easier than finding your keys in

your bag.

Work is always synced across

devices, so updates made on mobile

automatically update on desktop, too.

Download our iOS and Android apps on the

  Android Studio 3.0: Android Profiler

App and Play stores. For more mobile tips and

functionality, check out the Guide.


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