Build an Android app to recognize flowers

[MUSIC PLAYING]   KHANH LEVIET: Hi, everyone. I’m Khanh from the TensorFlow team. And today I’d like to show you how to train a TensorFlow Lite model that can recognize custom images using your own…

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How To Shoot CINEMATIC VIDEO with Smartphone!

    So a lot of you guys were demanding for this video Now finally I’m making this So if you want to shoot amazing cinematic videos from you smartphone then this video is for…

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Getting started with Firebase on Android

  TODD KERPELMAN: Hey there, Android developers. Interested in getting started with Firebase in your Android apps? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started on this episode of “Firecasts.” [MUSIC PLAYING] So…

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How to move from Android to iPhone

Moving from Android to iOS is easy. Here’s how to transfer your contacts, messages, photos, and more! Before you start, your Android device should have Wi-Fi turned on, and both your devices should be plugged…

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Using the NDK Performantly

  DAN GALPIN: Android Internals– Writing Performant Native Code. If you haven’t heard enough about me already, I have spent 5 plus years talking to developers just like you around the world, and it is…

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Best practices for using text in Android

[MUSIC PLAYING]   FLORINA MUNTENESCU: Hello, everyone. I’m Florina Muntenescu. I’m an engineer in the Developer Relations team. SIYAMED SINIR: Hi, I am Siyamed Sinir. I am engineer in UI Toolkit team. SEIGO NONAKA: Hi….

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Developing for Android Things Using Android Studio

[MUSIC PLAYING] DAVE SMITH: Good afternoon, everybody. How’s I/O far? Oh come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Give me something. [APPLAUSE] There we go. Awesome. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for joining…

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Android Studio: Using and Creating Them

You probably already know about Android Studio’s live templates, abbreviations displayed as code completion options that insert a templated snippet into your code. There are dozens of live templates available in Android Studio. But did…

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Storage access with Android 11

[MUSIC PLAYING]   ROXANNA ALIABADI: Hi. I’m Roxanna. And I’m a product manager on Android. Today I’ll be discussing storage access on Android 11. Modern storage devices are the keepers of so many of our…

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Hilt – Android Dependency Injection

[MUSIC PLAYING] DANIEL SANTIAGO: Hi. My name is Daniel Santiago. And I’m a software engineer at Google. And in this video, I’ll be talking about Hilt and Android dependency injection library. I’ll go a bit…

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